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Why Water Jet Cutting?

The  Water jet system is an ideal machine for the cutting of various materials and is extremely versatile compared to alternative machinery such as lasers .  Water jet cutting is performed with pure water for the cutting of C foam, package products, gaskets, Gibson board, carpet, food, rubber, and many other soft materials.  The power of this pure water jet is so strong it has the ability to cut  C steel, copper, aluminium, granite, marble, and even  laminated glass.  Lanjing Glass uses Latest Water Jet Cutting Machine . The process  of Water jet cutting does not generate heat; eliminating the warping of materials like copper and aluminium. Based on the media to be cut,   Lanjing Glass is proud to say that we offer best quality glass with holes and notches with  water jets systems with cut speeds that will exceed 4000 inches per minute. This speed is triple other  water jet manufacturers capability due to the PTC state of the art Linear Drive motion system.

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