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  • Some Unique Use of Insulated Units


    Lanjing Glass Company is specializing in Insulated Glass . Our window pane or Insulated Glass units can be found in both residential and commercial constructions. Insulated Glass is a combination of two or more pieces of glass separated by air spacer. Insulated Glass units improve thermal performance. Very dry air is a poor conductor of thermal heat, and an Insulated Glass provides excellent thermal insulation. It is also reduces interior condensation in cold climates. Being the market leader in

  • Why Water Jet Cutting?


    The Water jet system is an ideal machine for the cutting of various materials and is extremely versatile compared to alternative machinery such as lasers . Water jet cutting is performed with pure water for the cutting of C foam, package products, gaskets, Gibson board, carpet, food, rubber, and many other soft materials. The power of this pure water jet is so strong it has the ability to cut C steel, copper, aluminium, granite, marble, and even laminated glass. Lanjing Glass uses Latest W

  • 8 Ways C To Use Glass Into The Office


    Todays modern offices need to adapt to the modern work style. With workers more involved in collaboration, flex time, and remotely, offices require designs that are unique to each corporate culture, while still allowing for what the future may bring. In our opinion, the main two design elements to always strive to maximize, is 1) space and 2) light. Each element influences the other in perception and attitude. If a space is designed with optimal working light, it feels more spacious and room

  • Pool Fence & Balustrade


    Pool Fence BalustradeMaintain an uninterrupted panoramic view of your pool and surrounding pool fence area with a frameless balustrade/pool fence designed to meet your personal requirements. All fully frameless gates have a specialized self-concealed floor spring and are fitted with child-proof locks to suit safety requirements.Alternatively, you can choose a semi-frameless balustrade/pool fence, complemented with your choice of powder-coated aluminum or stainless steel posts.All work is guaran

  • Custom laminated glass for your safety


    Glass which can keep you safe and secureLaminated glasses are familiar to us because of its use in our electronic appliances. But do we need its other uses also? I dont think so. Laminated glass is basically used to provide a layer so that the thing upon which it is used remains protected by any external agents or attacks. But beside of tempered glass which is a kind of laminated glass itself, laminated glasses are also used to protect your home or office area also because they are super stron


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